Journey4Life International Ltd.

Achieving Results Together by Maximising Your Personal and Professional Potential

Services include:

1.StratOp: Strategy Development and Process Facilitations for Corporate, Church, NGO, Charity and Government leadership teams (CxO level, over three to five days) to guide them in maximising their or their organisations potential in important areas like profit and growth. Through this facilitation a Strategic Operating Master Plan is created that develops and refines an organisation’s strategy, traversing from typical silo-thinking, discovering a holistic perspective, and moments of clarity to breakthrough into higher potential… by putting them into immedaite action.

2. LifePlan: The facilitation of a series of sixteen exercises over an intensive two day period, for an individual or staff member, helping them to discover the plans for their life, their uniqueness and maximising their life’s full potential. Living the Life They were Meant to Live!

3. Coaching & Mentoring: An ongoing intentional conversation that empowers a person or a group to fully live out plans, purposes or a calling for their life.

4. Leadership Coaching Workshop: This is a three day workshop to impart a coaching culture and coaching skills into organisations, teams or a group of staff members.

5. Mediation and Peacemaking: A dynamic, structured, interactive process and service where we neutrally as third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques.

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