Kraftvolle Fähigkeiten für Leiter | Powerful Skills for Leaders

Steckbrief auf Deutsch

MentorCoach‚Mentoring is an accountable, dynamic and intentional relationship of trust and service in which one person enables another to maximise their unique potential.‘

  • Accountable – a mutual & serious commitment
  • Dynamic – stimulating, empowering & flexible
  • Intentional – purposeful, clear sense of direction & expectation
  • Relationship – mutual connectedness, commonness & concern
  • Trust – usually take time to develop
  • Service – enable others to teach, raising them as leaders & by modelling
  • Enable – to assist, alongside & dynamically involved
  • Maximise – making the most of
  • Unique Potential – a unique & existing quality to an individual

John Mallison writes, ‚I can’t think of many greater priviledges than being asked to be a mentor to a fellow traveller.‘

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