Coaching & Mentoring

Kraftvolle Fähigkeiten für Leiter | Powerful Skills for Leaders

TheCoachingModelCoaching ist ein wertvollter, zielorientierter und fortwährender Dialog, der eine Person oder eine Gruppe dazu befähigt, ihre persönliche Berufung voll auszuleben.

Coaching engages you in an ongoing intentional conversation that empowers you or a group to fully live out plans, purposes or a calling for your or their life purposes.

The Approach:

Prior to Session One you will submit:

  • An inidividual Needs Assessment and/or
  • A Coaching Culture Assessment

Session One will:

  • Provide and Introduction to Coaching
  • Help the Individual or Team set Series Goals

The Coaching Sessions and Outcome:

  •  Coaching Series goals, larger and important goals set in Session One, that needs to be achieved over a period of normally six months.

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